Good practices

We will now give some recommendations to make the experience of the History Museum of Catalonia as satisfactory as possible for all visitors
  • We inform you that the following behaviour is not allowed in the museum’s galleries:

Entering with food or drinks
Taking photographs with flash or recording
Leaning on the glass cases
Touching the objects behind a rail
Sitting on a rail
Going beyond a rail
Running and shouting

  • Before you go into the galleries, your bags and rucksacks must be placed in the left luggage area.
  • Remember to put your mobile phone on a silent setting.
  • The job of the gallery staff is to make your visit easier. Please take notice of their instructions.
  • Groups accompanied by a museum educator always have preference in the different spaces, as they are doing a time-limited activity.
  • Please show other visitors the greatest respect.

For group visits:

  • Remember that the group must stay together throughout the tour, always accompanied by those responsible.
  • For pre-arranged activities, you are recommended to come to the museum in enough time to organise the group and put away their belongings. If the group is going to be delayed for any reason, notify us by calling 932 254 244. So that we can stick to our timetable, any delay will be deducted from your tour time.