Centre d'Història Contemporània de Catalunya

Centre d'Història Contemporània de Catalunya

The Centre for the Contemporary History of Catalonia (CHCC) is intended to collect documents about the contemporary history of Catalonia, promote research and popularise the subject. Along these lines, the CHCC promotes and, in some cases, directs, studies and research work, as well as writing down the memoires of people who have experiences of the Civil War, the post-war period, the fight against Francoism and exile.

The CHCC’s support for the publication of books on the contemporary history of Catalonia is particularly noteworthy. Although one of the centre’s rules is that it will not publish any books directly, it supports the work of firms that do publish history books.

The CHCC’s library merged with the library of the History Museum of Catalonia when it moved to Palau de Mar. As a centre specialising in the contemporary history of Catalonia, the library exists to serve historians, researchers, teaching professionals, university students and the general public interested in history.

Meanwhile, with the History Museum of Catalonia, the CHCC continues to offer historiographical and bibliographical advice to professionals and institutions to go beyond academic studies and facilitate all kinds of research into aspects concerning the history of Catalonia which can then be publicised.