Beyond the Trenches (1936-1939). Photographs by Alec Wainman

Land and people

Aside from the daily stress and gloom of life in a war-torn country, Wainman became aware of so much more all around him. With his photographic instinct and his Leica as his faithful companion, he found beauty in Catalonia’s people, its landscapes, its industrial heritage and its art. Although the photographs of that time were in black and white, you can feel the essence and light in his vision. Forty years later, after his retirement, Wainman immersed himself in the study of Catalan while writing his memoirs to accompany his photographs.

The colors of the Mediterranean

«The spring colours were unbelievable, and there were at least ten different shades of green besides the turquoise or purple tints of the Mediterranean, the brilliant white of the houses and the mature sandy texture of the cliffs. The only discordant notes of this whole bucolic scene were the raucous voices of the Catalan women mending the nets torn by the weight of the night’s catch.»

Description of Tossa de Mar by Alec Wainman in the book Live Souls

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